Office Space Planning for Your Business Relocation

Office Space Planning for Your Business Relocation

It’s safe to say that a business relocation is one of the most significant expenses a company can incur. Organisations have to take into consideration removal fees together with any ‘downtime’ they may experience whilst they are not providing products and services to their customers or taking calls.

In addition, an article published in May 2016 by Property Wire stated there was an 8.5% rise in rental growth for commercial properties during 2015 – a trend that is set to continue this year and next as businesses compete for space.

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Although many people think finding the best location and price for a new office is crucial, it can be equally as important to ensure it fits your requirements for the long term. Here are some important questions to consider that will ensure you plan your new office space successfully.

Are you moving to downsize or aiming to expand operations? Do you plan to hire more staff members in the next few years or are you using more home-based employees? Questions related to the direction your company is heading towards are important for any business relocation. They help ensure the space you are allocating to different people and departments will assist with workflow and productivity.

Our advice: Consider your long-term business strategy when planning your office space. Ask yourself how the functions in your organisation are likely to change over time. At Aspire Property Group, we consider aspects such as which teams work together, to improve collaboration and ensure they minimise the amount of time spent walking to other departments (a Lean approach), as well as maximising staff morale and efficiency.

Where do you waste space in your current office? A large part of any move includes identifying what currently works as well as what doesn’t. In older buildings, for example, private offices are common. However, you might find a more open-plan environment helps both efficiency and employee harmony.

Commercial environments have seen many changes in recent years. The nine-to-five is becoming more flexible and many companies are creating a fun environment within their workplace. Research carried out by the trade union organisation TUC, showed home working had soared to 1.5 million in the UK. All of this means your requirements may have changed over time.

Our advice: It can be helpful to look at each department as well as the amount of time particular team members spend in the office, working away or operating under flexible working hours. Then allocate fixed or hot-desking space accordingly.

At Aspire, we provide impartial advice exclusively for the benefit of tenants. We do not work with landlords, ensuring there is no conflict of interest.

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