How much space will you need for your new office?

Add your estimates into the calculator below to equate how much space you will need for your office:


Efficient use - we suggest 70sq ft per employee


Generous space - we suggest 100sq ft per employee

Manager's office

Allow 100sq ft per employee

Senior Manager's office

Allow 200sq ft with a small table

Director's office

With a 4 person meeting table - 250sq ft

Small meeting room

For 4 people - 100sq ft

Large meeting room

With a meeting table for 8 people -125sq ft

Board room

To seat 20 people - 220sq ft

Training / conference room

To seat 30 people - 275sq ft


No seating - 100sq ft

Small server room

One server rack - 40sq ft

Large server room

Four server racks - 120sq ft

Breakout area

Small - 80sq ft

Breakout area

Medium - 150sq ft

Breakout area

Large - 250sq ft


Small - 100sq ft


Medium - 200sq ft


Large - 300sq ft

Photocopying/ Stationary room

Small - 70sq ft

Photocopying/ Stationary room

Medium - 110sq ft

Photocopying/ Stationary room

Large - 200sq ft


Small - 80sq ft


Medium - 120sq ft


Large - 160sq ft

Rented office space needed:

sq ft

Metric: sq m

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