Why You Need an Acquisition Agent to Look for Office Space in London

Why You Need an Acquisition Agent to Look for Office Space in London

Options for office space in London have changed significantly over the last decade. The rise of the ‘freelancer economy’ as well as the increase in mixed-use residential/ commercial buildings has meant tenants have more choice when it comes to choosing an office. In addition, a recent article in City AM stated that London has overtaken New York and Shanghai as a hub for tech startups, leading to a broader range of office spaces being demanded by this new, more flexible workforce. So it’s more important than ever to get it right first time when managing a costly relocation to a new office. Here are some reasons why you should consider an acquisition agent to help you make the right move.

With so many different options for office space in London, it takes a knowledgeable acquisition agent to help you understand everything that’s available. With the right experience, an agent will also be able to consider and assess the kind of space that will be right your business and team.

Our advice: At Aspire Property Group, we offer consultancy services as well as acquisitions, which includes a thorough appraisal of your requirements. So we recommend that you seek advice from an experienced consultancy that will not only provide a short list of office options, but make sure they meet your needs. Start your research by downloading our Guide to Office Rents from this page or by using our FREE Resources and Tools.

In our experience, tenants who don’t use the services of an acquisition agent can take months or years to search for and select the right office space in London.

Our advice: By using an acquisition agent such as Aspire Property Group, you can reduce the time it takes to find suitable options for your relocation to just days or weeks, rather than months. This will save you valuable time searching yourself.

Owners of commercial properties have found that working with a skilled acquisition agent during an office relocation ensures the process runs seamlessly. With professional advice on location, office facilities and expert insight, deals and lease negotiations are much more likely to go smoothly. This saves everyone time and gives landlords more confidence.

Our advice: Make sure you are provide as much information as possible with regards to your requirements when you start working with an acquisition agent. This can make communications and negotiations with landlords faster and more effective, and foster good relationships from the beginning.

Although there’s no guarantee that the legal and financial issues will be hassle-free throughout a relocation, you can be more certain that your lease will cover everything you need by going through an agent. An experienced acquisition agent will put your interests first and be able to highlight any potential pitfalls or risks during negotiations.

Our advice: You have probably already established what you need from office space at this point and chosen the right space from the shortlist provided by your agent. Now ensure you read and review all the documentation associated with your relocation and if you’re unsure about anything, consult an experienced acquisition agent.

Few people enjoy negotiating. However, if you hire an acquisition agent to liaise with landlords on your behalf, any discussion over rents, fees and terms and conditions can be dealt with professionally by a third party.

Our advice: An acquisition agent will have the skill set to negotiate a fair deal for your business. We recommend hiring the services of an agent such as Aspire Property Group. This means you can be certain you won’t pay more than is necessary for rent fees, deposits and other costs and that any other terms are agreed by both you and the landlord ensuring minimum risk from your lease’.

At Aspire, we serve the needs of tenants and are not commissioned or instructed by landlords. This ensures no conflict of interest and guarantees impartial advice, exclusively for your benefit. Get in contact with us here or call 0203 627 2555 to see how our advice could save you money.



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