Aspire’s property strategy led to Compassion in World Farming saving over £120,000

The CIWF was founded in 1967 by Peter Roberts, a dairy farmer who saw first-hand how the demand for cheap food was having a devastating effect on farm animals and human health. Since its beginnings, the CIWF has been making a continued difference to the lives of millions of farm animals in the UK and Europe.

After listening to the needs of the CIWF, Aspire reviewed their current office space and advised that they should vacate the ground floor, which had now become surplus to their requirements. With the lease approaching expiry, Aspire advised that the CIWF only needed to renew the occupancy of their second floor. This also meant that they did not have to relocate.

Aspire led negotiations on the new lease with the landlord of the CIWF office and secured a significant rent reduction compared to their previous agreement. Aspire also managed to agree a 6 month rent free prior which commenced prior to the expiry date of the lease. These savings totalled over £120,000 for CIWF.

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